“something that is uncertain or that causes one to feel uncertain”

This easy to watch video introduces you to a concept of loneliness from both a therapeutic and every day perspective.  Led by professional and accredited therapists who have an interest in raising awareness and understanding of emotional wellbeing.  

This is not a lesson or a tutorial but it is something slightly different.  It is more of a conversation and reflections by therapists around emotions and the importance to recognise and work with your emotions to help with your personal wellbeing.

You can listen to it all at once, or each step at a time, you can come back to it time and again, when it suits you.  You can watch it with friends, as part of a class tutorial or just for your own personal interest and curiosity.

You will find out about:

  • being able to identify the feeling of uncertainty 
  • give some understanding around the principle that uncertainty is both individual and universal
  • being able to acknowledge how we feel we can start to build the toolkit of coping with uncertainty.

0:00-5:44Introductions – uncertainty-individual and national
5:45-7:03“I don’t know” is avoidance. Uncertainty is universal
7:04-8:52What lies underneath uncertainty –internal responses
8:53-13:06Personal reflection of uncertainty –“loss of competence”?
13:07-13:38Id, Ego, Superego = Child, Adult, Critical Parent
13:39-16:16Film animation –ID, Ego, SuperEgo
16:17-19:44Discussion on personalised examples of the three states
19:45-24:22Adult, Ego, Middle state and the nurture in early years
24:23-27:04How to cope with immediate uncertainty and how to make a plan
27:05-28:03The key take aways of uncertainty
28:04-28:40The toolkit and conclusions
28:41 –endThe animation film of the key toolkit for uncertainty