“is when you hurt yourself as a way of dealing with very difficult feelings, painful memories or overwhelming situations and experiences”

This accessible video introduces you to concept of self-harm, from both a therapeutic and every day perspective.  Led by professional and accredited therapists who have an interest in raising awareness and understanding of emotional wellbeing.

This is not a lesson or a tutorial but it is something slightly different.  It is more of a conversation and reflections by therapists around emotions and the importance to recognise and work with your emotions to help with your personal wellbeing.

You can listen to it all at once, or each step at a time, you can come back to it time and again, when it suits you.  You can watch it with friends, as part of a class tutorial or just for your own personal interest and curiosity.

You will find out about:

  • What is self-harm and the myths around it
  • What is the meaning behind the self-harm
  • How to manage the urge to harm
  • How to help someone who may be hurting.
10:00-1:26Introduction:  Plan for today
21:27-2:24Definition of self-harm
32:25-4:44How do people self-harm?
44:45-15:06Myths and Truths behind self-harm
515:07-19:59The meaning behind self-harm
620:00-23:39Meaning behind urges to self-harm
723:40-30:49What can you do instead of self-harming?  Design and build your own safety net
830:50-33:01How to support someone self-harming.
933:02-34:10CalmHarm and DistrACT Apps
1034:11-endTake home message