“the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected”

This accessible video introduces you to concept of relationships, from both a therapeutic and every day perspective.  Led by professional and accredited therapists who have an interest in raising awareness and understanding of emotional wellbeing.

This is not a lesson or a tutorial but it is something slightly different.  It is more of a conversation and reflections by therapists around emotions and the importance to recognise and work with your emotions to help with your personal wellbeing.

You can listen to it all at once, or each step at a time, you can come back to it time and again, when it suits you.  You can watch it with friends, as part of a class tutorial or just for your own personal interest and curiosity.

You will find out about:

  • having a deeper understanding of what a relationship is
  • the types of relationship
  • exploring more how we feed or starve relationships and their consequences
10:00-2:55Introduction:  Relationships from birth:  ‘Other’
22:56-4:25Creatures of story and meaning. Love care nurture
34:26-6:11Attachment theory:  Insecure, Secure.
46:12-9:56Toxic and nurture relationships:  Discussion –pathway stories:  Feelings and Thinking elements
59:57-13:28Reflections of Feeling elements in a relationship
613:29-14:24Reflections of Toxic:  Need to fit with ‘other’
714:25-14:39Nurturing vs Toxic relationships
814:40-17:20Toolkit for recognising a Toxic Relationship
917:21-20:50Toolkit for recognising a Nurturing Relationship
1020:51-20:28The nurturing relationship cake
1120:29-22:12The toxic relationship cake