ingestion of food

This easy to watch video introduces you to the place of eat in the overall 4 pillars of health and wellbeing.  Led by a GP who has an interest in supporting better awareness and understanding of the simple steps to a healthier you.

You can listen to it all at once, or each step at a time, you can come back to it time and again, when it suits you.  You can watch it with friends, as part of a class tutorial or just for your own personal interest and curiosity.

Some of the content will be very helpful in everyday life, and for some of you it might just help with content for your chosen courses of study too.

You will find out about:

  • how different foods can have a positive or negative impact on your overall health
  • how bacteria and water also play a role in this in good health
  • gives you some simple strategies to change your diet to improve your wellbeing.

0:00-0:57Introduction and 4 pillars
0:58-1:46Why do we eat?
1:47-3:38Where does the food we eat go?
5:17-6:19What does sugar do to your body?
6:20-9:53How much sugar should you have each day?
9:54-10:49Healthy Food Swaps?
10:50-11:54Why are vegetables good for you?
11:55-13:03How many vegetables should you eat?
14:31-18:02Intermittent fasting
18:03 – endConclusion